Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"So Thank You for the Music..."

While everyone's swooning over Rihanna and Chris Brown's concert slated to be staged on the 15th of November, my friend Maphene and I are going ga-ga over the arrival of ABBA and their concert in PICC plenary on November 21.

ABBA? Who listens to ABBA these days?
"if you change your mind, im next in line... honey im still free take a chance on me..."
"you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life..."
"i can still recall, our last summer..."

most of the songs i have sung numerous times in then 5-peso-per-song karaoke, and now in our office's magic sing without even glancing to check the lyrics because i know their songs like the back of my hand, so they say.

while my classmates back in gradeschool were singing "larger than life"," oh baby baby baby from meteor garden" and "oops I did it again by Spears, I was singing ABBA or the Carpenters.

So could you just imagine, how a fanatic would let this chance pass by? It's like sleeping on a warm bed in a noisy turn of the Millennium eve...


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