Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting Off

this blog I wrote back in my multiply site...

I am struggling to keep all of my thoughts in one place. or at least try to keep them from being posted from one site to another because I am now having a hard time remembering user ids and passwords.
I would like to come up with a hundred things about myself. so sooner or later, I may have to update the things I wrote here.
to constantly remind me how things change, and how one person can assume another personality over a period of time. and why a person is never the same person you know back in gradeschool.
yeah, I'll try doing that.
if i have the time and the right proxy... :)
meantime, i'll stick to this.

- the infamous jojo veloso is her tiyo. her dad's brother. (if you still can't recall him, go check your old showbiz mags back in the 90's; he's the man behind the then super known Face of the Year for Men and Women; if it still doens't ring a bell, these keywords might help: Joebert Sucaldito, Angelica Jones, Mukha tapes, Hans Montenegro, Senate Hearing and the list goes on...)

- she writes by her left hand. actually, her left hand does most of the chores.

- GREEN is her favorite color-- but she owns more things in pink than green stuff.

- she bites her fingernails and if you will notice, you won't see her spitting it. (ewww.)

- she flunked math 11 (algebra) in college;

- she knows (and practically memorize) any yoyoy villame song you can think of. try asking her.

- she doesn't pick up coins in the streets; she believes it might be cursed and later on when harry potter existed, she worries that these might be portkeys to some another dimensions.

- up to this day, she still can't see the letter "A" in the Ayala logo; what she sees is the number "4" slanted.

- she doesn't eat siopao. she still believes it's made of cat's meat.

- she's always the last to drink in a softdrink 2litre pet bottle. so she can shake its contents. she likes Coke in it's singaw stage.

- some of the dreams she had since she was a kid (some of them still on her mind as an "adult"): to become a firefighter/firewoman, to be a teacher, senator, writer and a mermaid.

- she's a true blue girl scout. check her closet, she has all the uniforms: from twinkler to the adult scout-- get this, she was also a "boy scout". yes, she used to train young boys as assistant outift advisor in BSP.

- she sings during impromptu singing competition in young writers conferences. her perpetual piece? we're all alone, zsa zsa padilla version.

- she was a big fan of TGIS back in the 90's. dig this. in her old hello kitty wallet, she still has the fan club id inserted in it.

- most of the things she owns are from the mall's kid's section: her faves, hellokitty, spongebob, buttercup of powerpuff girls, hi hi puffy ami yumi

- she has a box full of newspaper clippings of loren legarda. one time, in 1998, when loren legarda first ran for senatorial elections, she went all the way from manila to the lpl towers in makati just to get a loren legarda pen and a poster. when she got there, she saw tony leviste instead. the poster, as of this writing is still posted in her room in biliran.

- she watched almost all star cinema films. and memorized some of its lines too!

- she actually witnessed someone being gunned down right before her very eyes. if you happen to read her short story "Echague", it's actually her's.

- UP is her dream school. back in her senior year in high school, she did not take any other entrance exams for college. just UPCAT.

- she wanted to take up Broadcasting. everyone expected her to venture that course. She landed in Literature, which later on she found out that was her field really.

- she's never been to Fort Santiago.

- she can talk 24 hours straight as long as there are still people listening to her stories, ranging from activism, world drama, latin american writing to the regions and languages of the philipppines to the local showbiz news.

- she knows every morning show cartoons and educational shows shown in the 90's. on better days, she could even sing the theme song for you.

- she gets starstruck easily. whenever she is at a public place and she sees a "laos na artista" or a director, theatre, literature or visual arts luminaries, she'll approach him/or her and say "excuse me sir/mam, i'm a big fan. can I have a picture taken with you?". that's her constant spiel.

- she only makes "papicture" to laos na artistas. it's her way of making them feel good. she believes that by doing so, she boosts the morale of these laos na artistas by making them feel that others still know them, even after losing the limelight.

- she hates gaisano tacloban. she often gets to be mistaken as a sales girl and peoplewould ask new stocks from her.

- if you happen to check her phone, you'll notice these things: most of the phonebook entires are not by their real names, she has code names for most of her entries and all of her phonebook entries are encoded in big and small letters. read this: if you have an alias, it only means you're special to her, for two reasons: (1) she exerted the effort to choose a codename for you, related to your personality or you as a person; (2) whenever you'll call of text her, it's gonna be an extra effort on her end to recall who was "mycoffeestory" calling.and if by chance you see your name and last name as it is, as in not even changing the font size, in her fone, it's either you're nothin to her or she hates you more than she hates GMA.

- before, she knows 75% of her phonebook entries and could recite them to you. the other 25%, she doesn't memorize but she is very familiar with whose number was that. I dont know if she still has this up to now.

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