Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Karen's Wishlist

It's been years since I got presents that were willfully given--willfully meaning, chosen and given by someone wholeheartedly, chosen presumably, by your friend or relative who thinks that the gift embodies the whole of your personality. yeah. whatever.
Let's say a book, maybe because you're a bibliophile, or you're a literature major like me who had no other choices but to read and read books; or a set of smashbox cosmetics because you just can't leave your room without it; a spatula, teflon pan or an electric egg beater so you won't borrow your classmates' during your culinary class. It was then when Tita Marci suspects that you're Barbie's worshipper and back then when Baby All Gone was what it takes for you to belong in the Upper Class Girls. :) They chose it, simply because they think you'll love it, or at least they assumed you will.

In high school and college, particularly now that I am in the corporate jungle, exchange gifts would mean writing your "wishlist" in the big empty whiteboard along with your other teammates, making sure that it's no beyond P500 worth, the amount that you have agreed upon. Looking at it, Manito-Manita has just become, "kindly-look-for-this-certain-book-with-this-author-from-the-bookstore-and-buy-it-for-me" thing. My point? Nothing. It's just the world, according to me, has become less personal, fast-paced that we gave up knowing people because, after the 13th month pay, she'll resign and transfer to another company anyway, and senseless, because according to my arch enemy Voltron, Christmas is a senseless construct imposed to us by the imperialists and colonialists to make sense out of the senselessness of human existence. i honestly don't know where he got that but it's but one of the very few days when he is making sense.


My point really in writing this is to tell the world what I want for Christmas.

So you, if you're planning to give me one this Christmas, won't have a hard time looking for one.

ha ha.

1. Mamma Mia DVD! *i heard it comes with a free pen and notepad*
2. 8gb iPod touch (nawawala ba to sa mga Wishlist?)
3. or 160gb iPod video (alternative. preferably silver)
4. HI-Cut Chucks with Red Riding Hood print
5. (still) Nikon d40 or a lomo for that matter
6. Harajuku Printed Hoodies
7. Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera; Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer; 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda; Living to Tell the Tale by Garcia Marquez;
8. Blush Tokidoki for Smashbox
9. Pixel Chix!
10. Barbie, My Fair Lady Collection
i think that's all for now. :P

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