Monday, February 23, 2009

An Dalan Ngada ha Imo

I have not written a single attempt on poetry for quite some time now. I felt like my recent trip to Tacloban has culminated the year-long hiatus from writing-- not in the business sense that is, writing for reports, compliance and innumerable deliverables. No, I am not complaining, don't accuse me of whinning. It's just that, I have not written anything to describe my present state of being for the longest time. Except from “twiterring”: “karen is bored”, “karen is contemplating”, “karen is thinking”, my Facebook page is empty. If not for the “you're a fan of this and that” application, it is a visual representation of the sound of the crickets on a peaceful night in Biliran.

I could just simply change my status from “single” to “it's complicated” so my page will be swarmed with comments from my “friends” asking their endless why's and how's and who's. That's what they usually do. And they get really generous feedback for that. Nah, it's a futile attempt on my part. First, no one would care if I change status. Second, no one would ever believe.

My recent trip back home was like a spark plug-- jumpstarts me back to writing something else apart from what I eavesdropped from the floor, or what I saw in the jeepney on my way home to Guadalupe. Poetry. Poetry to be exact. Poetry, in my case is just about implying what the world is seeing at the moment, associating it with what I am feeling at the moment. Never mind the rhythm, forget about the measures. That's how I view poetry in my case—in my own rules.

And here, while I'm on my 4-hour long travel to Biliran Island, in my 2009 Hello Kitty datebook, I wrote this, in Waray-- because that's what I usually do. As such, the language has never failed me to say what I mean. And in my attempt to let my Tagalista peers understand, I came up with it's bastardized tagalog translation.

An Dalan Ngada ha Imo
alang kan Nanay Joycie

“In nga dalan,
Kun di ta na pag-aagian
Wawad-on, paparaon han mga banwa
nga dinhi maturok...”
-Ini nga Dalan, Voltaire Oyzon

Hagtaas na an mga banwa
Ito nga tanom nga ak natamakan,
Tunukon baya.
Ngan an sig-ot, ngan mga laya nga dahon,
abadaw kay kadamo.

Buot ko na unta humuyo na hin pagpinangita
Kay han kahaluag hini nga uma,
Hain ko daw la iton papamilnga?

Sige la,
kay it nga akon hinumduman
It nga akon gugma--
amo an maghaharas, manhahawan
it akon aagian
ngan ha imo,
dad-on ak utro hito nga dalan.

A rough translation of the Waray poem above:

Ang Daan Patungo sa Iyo
para kay Nanay Joycie

Matataas na yung mga damo
Yang tanim na natapakan ko,
matitinik pala.
Yung mga kalat at tuyong dahon,
ay talagang napakarami.

Gusto ko sanang tumigil na sa paghahanap,
kasi sa laki nitong kapatagan,
San ko naman kaya iyon hahagilapin?

Sige lang,
kasi ang iyong alaala,
ang iyong pagmamahal--
ang maggagapas,
ng aking daraanan
para muli,
dalhin ako ng daang iyon,
patungo sa iyo.
February 17, 2009
dalan tikadto Biliran


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