Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday's Dream

I'm singing/typing this song based on memory.

I have known this song even before figuring out which one is the dividend or the divisor, what is the subject in the sentence 'Run." and long before crushes came and gone. chos.

We have sung this in every school program I can think of-- I mean everything, ultimo Buwan ng Wika.
The then super sikat *i think* na singing group 14k sang this. One of them, Ate Donnagift, came from the public school where I came from. Her mom was probably the best music teacher I had in my whole schooling days. Although, I only had a few, because Mrs. Leony Malbas was practically my music teacher in my enire gradeschool years. That explains it.

So here it is:

Yesterday's Dream

We are the children
Of yesterday's dream
We are the promise of the future we bring.

Waving the banner
Of love to all
THrough every nation
The rich and the poor.

We are the world
OF the restless and young
And we need a hand
to guide us.

Helping each other
Bulid each other
As long as we're together
You and me.

For together we stand
Divided we fall
Together we climb to
the top of the World.

We can be what we want
For the world to see
That we are the children
of yesterday's dream.

We have the yearning
to do what is best
Be someone special
from all the rest.

Nation and brothers and unity
Building tomorrow
for you
and for me

repeat refrain...

We are the dream came true
We are the children
Of yesterday's dream...

*or maybe something to that effect. i never really saw a copy of the REAL lyrics. I just sang it by how I heard it. :P

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