Sunday, July 5, 2009

In Memoriam: Ana Escalante Neri 1978-2007 July 22nd, 2007

i met her in summer of 2006. it was in a writer’s workshop in up which she was a fellow and which i was part of the secretariat . it wasn’t hard to be enthralled by her personality. she was beaming the whole time.

at breakfast, when all of us gather around the banquet in the UP guest house, when she wouldn’t utter a word, she’ll smile.

at night, we would sit by the dock by the bay to be enchanted by the sound of the waves and her endless stories. just that. and before we sleep, we’ll utter our unending goodbyes and good nights to each other along with the other people in the workshop.

on the workshop’s last night, we danced in magsaysay on our way to the closing ceremonies in kapitolyo and had our flowing skirts soaked in puddles as we sashayed in the misty night of tacloban. i no longer wear the skirt these days. I have grown bigger; so as my world.

remember how the tricycle drivers annoyingly whistled as we pass by them, and how you faced them with a funny face. i thought how cool you were.

sadly, it was just that summer.

written 7.22.07; edited and posted 4.12.09

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