Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Speaking of Nordstrom...

Nagspam attack na naman kami nung mga kaberks. At naforward tong email na to. Share ko lang:

From: Gatpolintan, Alfie Cezar Labalan [mailto:AXBQ@ .com] Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:03 AMTo: rona decolongon; ma-an de ocampo; Karen Raagas; Ernest JosephMiranda; Dennis JohnMontano; Emmelaine Ondillo; Joymee Ann Gascon; ManilynSarique; Leonor, April Yasmin Gagasa; EmmelaineOndillo; Aquino X.Gerry; Ken Nuguid; Malgapo, Stephanie Ortiz; Trina Reyes; Nicholas.Beltran;; Gonzalez, Auria Primaverde
Subject: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

An Oregon schoolteacher went to Nordstrom's department store to buy a $1 booklet on how to tie scarves. A store employee told the teacher that, unfortunately, the store was sold out of the item. Four weeks later, the teacher checked her mail and, to her surprise, found two of the booklets, at no charge. That gesture made her a faithful Nordstrom customer, even though the store didn't have what she wanted the first time around.

But that's not the whole story. There is no Nordstrom department store in the teacher's hometown. She drives 160 miles round trip to shop at a store that took the time and effort to compensate her because they were out of a simple, inexpensive booklet.

Lesson: You might not always be able to give customers or co-workers exactly what they want. But the way you go above and beyond to make up of an oversight, mistake or product shortage can build a greater sense of loyalty and satisfaction than if you merely met the initial request.
What will customer or clients remember about you when you are not able to meet a request? The mere fact that you couldn't provide what they wanted? Or, the creative , service-minded way you responded to the situation and turned a negative into a positive?
Same thing with friends' request.

Of which I replied with:

Maganda to te.
Infairness, sabi ng tita ko, yung Nordstrom tlaga bongga sa customer service,
Like if you go there looking for a gulong, kahit wala silang tindang ganun talaga, hahanapan ka nila.
Kasi ung principle nila na, kaya ka pumunta sa kanila kasi may tiwala ka na matutulungan ka nila so di ka nila bibiguin.
Sana ang pag-ibig parang Nordstrom din. Na kapag nilapitan mo, hindi ka bibiguin maski wala syang inoofer na ganun.
Wala ayun lang.
Nilalagnat ako.

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