Friday, February 4, 2011

A Call (Center) Girl Dilemma #1

January 27, 2011 entry

Age miracle cream

proven to fight
the signs of aging--
dryness and roughness (thanks to stress)
pimples and pimple marks (due to stress)
sagging skin (lack of smiles, due to irate callers resulting to stress)
black panda eyes (lack of sleep and stress)
--all should be seen with improved results
in seven amazing days.

The day cream--
should be used at dayttime
to block the sun
battle dirt and other air pollution
waterproof-- designed for sweat
for the busy day

The night cream--
for repairing damaged cells
while you sleep
when your shift is at night,
and you sleep at dayttime--

which one should you use?

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