Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Former DND Secretary Angelo Reyes writes 30.

We could only assume what he was thinking at 7:45 am today that he chose to take his own life right before her mother's tomb.
If he chose to end it in an easier way; if he thought it would be better that way,
If a single gunshot would end all his shame and misery--
and so he did and we can only guess.

But we never forget-- the hundreds of millions, the military men who are still seeking justice from their master's oppression; the lavish lifestyle and the eople's money.

I mourn for the loss of a brilliant military man. And only for that reason.


I recall looking at my office phone to check the time earlier--6:45pm est. is 7:45 am mla.
I was logging out in 15 mins I thought.
30 minutes later, I was on my way home riding an FX when I heard the news. According to the radioanchor, it was around 7:45am that the former Sec. shot his chest using a .45 caliber gun, right infront of his mother's tomb.

Although I think, he had something to do with all these shenanigans getting out on trial and getting out of control, somewhere in my heart keeps me from telling, "..tama lang yan. At buti nga patay na siya."

I also think that there is something rather dramatic and metaphorical on how he inflicted death on himself-- a gunshot on his heart is way too loud to be ignored.

May you still rest in peace.

Former DND Sec. Angelo T Reyes (+) (image taken from BlogSpot)

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