Friday, February 4, 2011


January 30, 2011 entry:

While waiting for my Diana to come back home, allow me to maximize my gazillion iPhone apps.
The the following photos were taken using either by Instagram or LomoLomo which I find really really interesting especially for Lomo suckers like me. 

hybrid HK given by my person. Half fish-half Kitty

not sure if he's aware i'm actually taking his pic-- my minion Jhay

tabasco and salt 'n pepper plus the anonymous man :P


new addition to my library; classic read

jejerome and i; lunchtime at Amici

mitchi :)

can't rotate it :(


another awkward shot and i can rotate it.

ayala triangle ceiling.


more koi.

more more koi.

more more more koi @greenbelt

lost. again. in greenbelt...


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