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My 2010 in Words and Photographs

It is close to impossible to start this year without looking back from the previous one, as my friend Maphene said in her blog. To be thankful for the highlights and the lowlights of my 2010, which is by far the happiest, most accomplished year (kind of) yet. The following people, places, events made my year. I will write about them from memories, and maybe, from time to time, come back to this blog as I recall those that I may have forgotten. Some memories, far too detailed to be explained in words--I shall then just post photographs.

~ getting trained and starting the year with a new LOB and a new list of agents to work with. I only got ten, the only LOB of its kind that is solely for that purpose and the only kind offshore. Turned out to be the easiest LOB in the whole. From ten, a few were added to the team which stayed on until before 2010 ended.

Then in April, I joined the Servicing Team, joining the biggest LOB in our account

Manila Servicing Team
~ Panagbenga 2010 and Loren Legarda-- took me years to get this snapshot. It was, incidentally, my first ever Panagbenga experience. I was in grade school when i wished to see her in person. A lot has changed over the years, including my thoughts of her being a role model for the youth. Being her avid follower, I also got confused with her opinions, stand on certain issues and most especially her loyalty. Today, after everything has changed, I still love her so much because she reminds me of how simple my dreams were when I was 7-- back when she was still a broadcaster.

meeting Loren for the first time, Session Road Baguio City

~ Mercedes Cabral and Marc Jacob -- plus my genius Film Institute classmates Chesca Espiritu and Blessie Naval. It was my first taste of what real production was. And the big names Mercedes and Marc were too much for a start. "Dilamon" as conceptualized by Chesca was epic and the experience during the production was something too vivid to be forgotten. 

On Location: DILAMON

Chesca, DOP.

Our brilliant actors--Mercedes Cabral and Marc Jacob

~ My first ever solo production was screened in Mag:Net in Katipunan. Good thing I had to wait for Trish in UPFI so we arrived late. I was not able to see my work in bigscreen and I was not able to defend it from the critics and my brilliant-beyond-words professor, Sari Dalena. It was a night filled with creativity and fresh new ideas. I was challenged, to the highest level, to improve  on my works. Mine was crappy by the way. I was joined by my minions Lala and Paris and his nephew Inchan. One of my closest buddies, Brosia also showed up from nowhere.

Brosia attended the screening!

Lala, Paris and Itchan :)

~ the Sally people and the epic Blackout party in Baguio. I had to edit the video presentations as well which were not my 100% all out effort. I was told the last minute and had to comply. Turn out well but still has a lot to improve on. had bonding moments/pressure sharing with Starzickle and Blesito. I met Vegas, Aftereffects and Premiere more extensively-- they were just mere acquaintances before. 

editing, cramming and cursing with Starzickle and Blesito

clowning around

partying in Baguio

with Rob and our Bigger Boss Marla

camwhoring with my Manager Heidee

with our AVP Tsok

great times!

lomo-like with Wylmer

Just a day in between, and 18 hours in total of travel by bus, I was then back in Baguio to witness John and Ma-an's Wedding. I thought that that was one extraordinary day, not only for the bride and groom but also for the Transition Team as we were almost complete-- that was by far the well-attended event in our history.
We all looked our best in the wedding. Topped it all with the sing-dance number during the reception--it's as of we were the only guests in that "Wedding of the Century". (sans the gatecrashers they had to feed).

All glammed up for the Big Rock Wedding

The blushing bride Ma-an

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Joseph Miranda

Camp John Hay Reception at night

~ my foot getting sprained when I tripped over the drainage in dela Rosa on my way to Landmark Makati. I consider this as a major turning point of my year as I had to file for LOA from the Film Institute because I was no longer able to walk far distances because of my foot. I had it X-rayed but show nothing broken. it must've been the muscles in it but I never went back to the doctor anyway. It still hurts sometimes.

~ I had to momentarily quit film school. I missed my friends, and seeing them update statuses, post photos in Tumblr and FB makes me miss them more. I miss my Italian class everyday which I never aced. My professor probably has given up on me. I feel so intelligent speaking crooked Italian at the office but felt like a stupid third grade learning english when I'm in class. Italian class was also one reason for filing LOA as the room was located at the 5th floor of CAL. No elevators. 

I will go back to film school next academic year. God knows how but I know and I feel that I should finish what i started. It's also the best time for me to improve my technical skills while on leave. My knowledge of the more recent technologies is insignificant. I realized that if I wanted to get to where I want to be in terms of staying afloat in the institute, I have to work my ass off real hard. and I should. 

I also got a warning from my manager for tardiness. I never would've used being in school just to keep myself from delivering what is expected of me but the least I could get was a 30-minute buffer for a supervisor who works on flexi schedule but was suppose to come in on time. The ironies of life. Anyway, she's no longer my boss so I think I can get this done, I can get more support I need this time.

~ with my foot recuperating, and Cebu Pacific was crazy selling out seat sales, I was out ans set to travel my country. It was an irony not being able to travel to UP with a "broken" ankle but was able to travel far north and down south. Well, at least the places I've been to need not to climb up flights of stairs anyway. 

I thought that since I was out of the institute, I need to get something done really worthwhile so I won't eventually regret wasting a full academic year's worth of being an "intellectual bum". So I travelled. At the start of 2010, I said, this year is going to be my travel year. And indeed it was. I missed the Boracay trip with Jean in July but I had many other places in line after that.

~Merlie Alunan again winning another Palanca and me elevated to being her official photographer. Vanilla panacotta and their sumptuous buffet was more than my talent fee. Plus the very exclusive chance to rub-elbows with the Literary giants of which i shamelessly abused.

with Nay Dinky and Mum Merl

with Ate Jill and Sir Gemino Abad
with Ate Jill and Krip Yuson

~ I had my 10k-limit credit card from RCBC-- which I did not apply for. One day, my mother was nagging me because RCBC was calling our home phone asking for me. I repeatedly told her that I don't owe RCBC anything. When I finally got to talk to them, the person took my info and a few days later I had my card. A few hours later, I was booking for a flight to Laoag on regular fares. 

~We got to experience Ilocos Norte and Sur first hand. Bagyong Henry did not stop us from heading to Pagudpud and enjoying its waters.

Pagudpud Beach. The windmills of Bangui Ilocos as background

~ experiencing the famous Feast of Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia in Naga City and roaming the nearby municipalities. 

a glimpse of Bicolanos' INA from the fluvial parade :)
~ Who can say no to a P150 roundtrip ticket to Tacloban and back to Manila? Thank you Cebu Pacific that these dear friends of mine got to have a glimpse of the Visayas. Albeit, the trip was more of Amazing Race for us. And because of missed SuperCat trips, we never really got to experience roaming Tacloban and Leyte so we made the most out of touring Cebu :)

Cebu City Taoist Temple
Magellan's Cross
Skywalk at the Crown Regency Hotel

~My best travel destination yet-- Coron, Palawan. I'm not worthy to write anything here to describe the place, because words will continuously fail me.

swimming in one of the many lakes surrounded by rock formations

Malcapuyo Island gives Boracay the competition it has long been looking for.

~ Jim Paredes and the 8 Passionate People. Writing to Jim and getting in was the most thrilling part. Meeting them all makes it twice more thrilling. When over cups of coffee and bottles of wine, along with stories and passions of 8 strangers is just uplifting. and in just one night, I only not gained 8 new friends but the inspiration to keep going when I sometimes forget the things that inspire me. (getting published on the Sunday broadsheet is a plus)

~ Hello Kitty--because I acquired the most number of Hello Kitty stuff than in the past. And the mere sight of the Sanrio store makes my heart skip a beat and my eyes whirling with happiness.

~Only because they will forever remain as my despicable but lovable friends. Regardless of how many times I turned them down and was not there when they both wanted me to be there, they remain always available when hugs are scarce and jokes are half-baked.

Maphene doing a Rosalka number in Greenbelt.
Ran trying to look pensieve

~She was gone for almost two years and came home only for a few weeks. We absolutely had to see her, if only for a venti coffee and trenta stories to share.

~ Sony Handy Cam, Canon DSLR, Nintendo DS, iPhone 3gs and a whole lot more. Gadgets which made me belong to the below poverty line bracket but made my heart filled with content.

~ opening up a savings account. A passbook savingd account--that is. So I may not be tempted to withdraw funds from it, unlike my BPI express teller. bfffft.

~Starbucks planner. It's the yearly thing. Imagine 18 cups of coffee just to complete the freakin sticker card for a planner! ok, not all of 18 I drank. At least, coercing no less than 10 people to buy coffee and give me their stickers.

~ first Christmas at home since I joined the call center industry. Enough said. I have spent 5 years in the industry and this is the first that I wasn't on the phones, taking calls and comforting home-sick agents on Christmas Eve.

~Manila Year End Party

~ going back to Sales and getting new sets of agents.

~Transition Christmas Partey! Because we seldom see each other and still very few came to this party but we could care less. Fun doesn't necessarily mean more people *wink*

~on the last few days before ending the year, one of my longest staying agents, Girlie, was promoted as supervisor. I know it's something I cannot wholly brag about but the fact that she spent the most time with me as her supervisor gives me the assurance that, somewhere somehow, I did something good to help these kids to get to where they want to be.

~Mitchi. Because just like Coron--it was the most wonderful thing that happened lat year. :)

Happy New Year! Happy New and Same Me!

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