Monday, March 7, 2011

Karen, by any other name would sound as sweet

Pardon the pun and the cheesy title but in the midst of my procrastination in the office, I thought of writing how, over the years, I have had numerous usernames, emails and blog sites-- then the title just came out from nowhere.

I was girl_in_green16.
Then I became fortywinks, and when Multiply has sprung in 2000s, I had mylittlegreenworld.
I became muokprincess and karac and mynameiskarac.
I had kolgirl, karasikas, mata hari and stormseeker.
I was braveheart, dramatista and now karenderya.

I am and I was all of those names.

People change over time.
but it doesn't mean they weren't true the name back then when they assumed it.

or something like that.

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