Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Office Maladies

Our HR department has finally taken over Project Runway and has continuously been launching Monday Dress Up activities with the guinea pigs, of course, us the Supervisors.

I'm not complaining. As a matter of fact I'm actually enjoying it. And so as my team.

The most recent was just last night, dressing up in Glam Rock Theme. I came as Lady Gaga gone askew.

This one's not HR initiative but let me included this as well since I was able to get some GCs for this as well.
I was best dressed for Female Category as the Villainous Red Queen from Wonderland. MadHatter, also from my Team was Best Dressed Male while my whole ensemble, won Best Dressed Team.

I was runner up during the Cosplay, again intiatd by HR.
I was supposed to copy Temari from Naruto. The dress up was ok, though if you are a Naruto fan, my attempt to imitate Temari was a big failure. If not for the big fan as my props, people are still going to ask who I'm supposed to be.

Until the next.

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