Wednesday, April 27, 2011

of Apple Cuts and Maladies

I'm a staunch believer that our hair is a vessel for memories and of all the great and bad things that are happening to us. Kaya rin siguro, that explains kung bakit, kapag brokenhearted ang isang tao, ngpapagupit or ngpapakulay or whatever lang to "mutilate" it. But, really I don't believe na napagdidiskitahan ang hair kapag masama ang loob natin. Gaya nga ng paniniwala kong vessel eklaver ito ng ating mga memories and partly our emotions, maybe, by chopping a part of it, metaphorically, is our way to cut the bad vibes and harsh memories-- with the hope that they be taken off our head and lighten the feeling. 


My head's been feeling kinda heavy these past few days, so maski nag-self promise ako na I won't cut my hair off this year, eto at chop chop chop pa din siya as usual-- out of the blue. 

I just wish to have a better and new "beginning" which is really something I can feel.
I now look like making pauso the "apple cut" again (at least without the blowdrying keme), pero kebs lang.
I'm one very superstitious person. 

Tsaka mejo bagay naman siya sa tiara ko. :)

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