Sunday, April 10, 2011

Postcards from Caramoan, (Bicolandia 2011)

It always starts with a Cebu Pacific Promo fare.
A few push from my crazy Transition friends and few weeks later, you find yourself sitting beside the window of the plane trying to take this photo:

My plane ride will never be complete without taking a shot of how cramped Metro Manila is.
Legazpi here we come! (again)

Sea of clouds. Love.

Is it just me or this really look like a clover from the air?

Journey starts with haggling the rent for the van to take us from the airport to Sabang-- the port where the boat to Caramoan waits to take us there. It was a drizzly morning so we were all silently hoping that things will turn still ok. Banca fare is 120 per person but we have to pay extra so the boat leaves earlier than it scheduled time. You see, last banca trip leaves at 1 pm but the locals said, one can actually rent a boat which carries around 10 passengers for around 2k or so. Good to know, just in case you get left behind by the scheduled trips.

I'm not quite sure if the waves are always as harsh as when we sailed that afternoon, but just in case, always make Meclizine HCl handy if you get sick of travelling on boat. Just don't get panicky.

Au, Brosia and Trina-- on the banca enroute to Caramoan

Sabang Port--your journey to Caramoan starts here

Mitchi and Alf
Guijalo port will welcome you after 2 to 3 hours of boat ride.

We stayed at Rex Tourist Inn while in Caramoan.
The tour package we availed already include the van transfers (10 to 15 mins drive from the port to Caramoan proper), accommodation and food and the tour itself.
The package was around 1500 per person, for a group of ten. As always, you get less share of you travel in big groups. Plus of course it's happier that way. :)
The food was absolutely great and over flowing. Enough said. :)

Where we stayed while in Caramoan
The island tour starts with a view of the Mangroves. hehe

Little mangroves

Fishing, obviously is the main source of livelihood on this town.
but with the booming tourism of the island, especially with the frequent Survivor shoots in the islands, most locals are being hired by these franchise to help them out with the logistics and all other stuff for the series.

A few more yards from the beach and here's what we saw:

The beach-- darn. This is beautiful.
The island is not as spectacular as that in Coron, Palawan but the idea that the islands are absolutely untouched and never been converted to a commercial spot just thrills you. And for city rats like us, who only have Ilog Pasig as a body of water to see almost everyday, this is but of course heaven.

We had our lunch under this tree :)

Semi Complete transition Team plus Mitchi and RV.

Caramoan Church.-- sorry I forgot the church's name.

CWC Cottages

Lago del Rey-- and I think that's my big butt.

ATV at the foot of Mayon.

Introducing my travelling Kitty --Twinkle

We stayed at Vista Al Mayon which is true to its name, gave the best view of Mayon from you breakfast table :)

very postcard-ish :)

Vista Al Mayon Pension Poolside at nighttime

Will we ever leave Legazpi without dropping by Bigg's? I love their moist choco cake :)

Valentine's Day dinner with my loves :)

Mitchi pretending. haha.

matchy-matchy clothes

Moonlight over Legazpi

This one's scary.

This too.


And from thousands of feet from the ground, feeling lucky that I finally got to sit on the right side of the plane so I get to take this:

Love, Legazpi. :))

February 13-15, 2011 :)

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