Friday, September 16, 2011

Guitars, Tiaras and Polka-Dots Luggages

At 12am, almost every single man in the office who are close to me approached me in the Conference Room, a long-stemmed rose in their hand, to greet me a Happy Birthday. And since it was my birthday, I got extra hugs and kisses too. Dishant, Tito Kier, Dennis, Kenneth, Meldita, Ethan, Inggo, Syndyk and most of the office boys who are closer to me went to share their "Happy Birthdays" which I think was super sweet and the first time that ever happened to me. When we're done with the listening session in the conference room, I went back to my station and my agents started singing "happy birthday" and one by one, people from other lines of business stood up and sang along too. I could feel my ears turn red, but what the heck, it's my birthday anyway. haha. 

When I thought it was all over, Mitchi approached my a little later telling me, "huy, lika na sa pantry. May nagpapabigay pala seo neto", then she handed me a slip of paper with a guitar pick attached to it. It was from Papa. 

So then we went to the pantry to see what's going on and this is what I saw. 

tarp courtesy of Jejerome

I was on the verge of crying but there were other people in the pantry who were busy taking their lunches and breaks and pretended they are not being bothered by the scene. haha.

wishful thinking

feigning a cry. hahaha. i just couldn't

happy birthday to me!

mga nakiki-birthday

I got the two things I'm dying to have that night. Mitchi, the perpetrator of this surprise did a very good job. It was ovewhelming. I always thought that birthdays are the most important event of the year. It is actually my favorite occassion apart from Christmas. I get to own the day. People are extra nice to you on your birthday apart from you can get away with almost anything on your birthday. Only, you usually have to treat them on your birthday but you'll be eating and laughing with them anyway. This year is by far the happiest treat I got. It was just so filled with love from people around me specially to that one person.

Later on, I got the surprise of my life when I realized how they managed to come up with this scheme. Mitchi and James, who knows about really good guitars went as far as Sta. Mesa to buy from the long strip of guitar sellers in R Magsaysay. Papa funded part of the guitar cost. heehee. Then for the luggage, Mitchi bought it from the Gift Gate store in Megamall and asked Mommy Ella to drop by and pick it up on the eve of my birthday. Jejerome, did the tarp. The day before, Mitchi was bugging him to get the tarp from the printer and deliver it at home, which I told her, "kaya mo talagang utusan si Jem no". Jem works in Ayala and the printer's shop is out of his way going home. Realizing that, good thing I did bother opening and checking out what was the tarp for. My agents got me the pretty cake while Lito and Sherwin went to Dangwa for the long stemmed roses. Recalling everything now, I couldn't help but feel giggly about it. Maybe just that, because i don't exactly know how to put the feelings into words. 

I wanted to write this thing down, because I know, on tougher days, I would look back to this post and remember that day when all of these people went out of their ways to celebrate with me and make me feel outrageously special. Thanks everyone. And to Mitchi who did all the logistics, I hope I can tell you how thankful I am. For all of these and for having you around. 


26 and lovin' it.

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