Monday, November 21, 2011

Love, Stamps and Snail Mails

... I woke up to the thought of how I used to abuse the post office sending gazillion of mails to people in different parts of the world, where my friends are-- and how, now, I failed to greet my friends and people even when there's FB around to just click and click and click.

I remember Lola Ping complaining how much she's spending in a week for mails alone (she's the one sending them by the way), but she is a loving grandma so she did it anyway.

Birthdays, christmases and any given days-- they were all worth of a card, handwritten, signed and on better days even kissed :)

And whatever happened to my stamp collections? I stopped with year 2002.

I wish to go back to these days when it's always a thrilling experience everytime you see Manong Kartero in your gate or a bunch of unopened mails in your study table.

I know emails are more eco friendly but holding something and thinking that this exact thing was held--or maybe even kissed by that person you love from the other side of the world makes it more humane and definitely touching. I'm sure Mother Nature will make an exception.


If you're a long lost friend, gradeschool, highschool, college and some random life friend and you miss getting and wanna get a snail mail from me, you may wanna email me where you want it to be sent together with your birthday, so i can update my Peter Rabbit Birthday book :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

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