Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holidays, Thanksgiving and Thanks-giving

I missed the whole idea of being on a long weekend. We were off for a few days since our customers from the other side of the world are celebrating this important holiday, for some, much more important than Christmas-- Thanksgiving.

We never celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines. We celebrate though, the fact that THERE is Thanksgiving so we're allowed to wander for about four days straight. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, which I think everyone should do, whether or not your culture celebrates it, I am writing down the things that I am thankful for today and for always. In no particular order:

~that I am alive; I get to enjoy all of these things
~i have a family that may not be as tight as everyone else but will always come together if anyone needs help; and because they love unconditionally
~i have someone who loves me perhaps even if I am the worst person in the world; who neither supports nor condemns my evil plans; who says Yes when I say NO; laughs when I'm illogically mad and scratches my back so i can sleep
~my job. Because i have bills to pay.
~my friends; because I was never a good friend. I leave them and forget them at times. I make excuses, I curse and block some in FB but I know deep inside they love me. And will always care for me.
~my team; because I'm next to the worst Supervisor in the world but they don't have a choice so they stick with me. they also try to keep up with my mood swings each and everyday.
~my memory; because it keeps me sane. When everyone else have forgotten--i do not and will not
~my health; because i live a sloppy and very unhealthy lifestyle. I eat too much, and is too lazy to walk to get the remote. I celebrate my birthday more than I eat vegetables but I do not get sick.
~technology-- though it's a love hate relationship, i love that it allows the world to be much smaller and how it draws people together. And without it, you might not be reading this because i probably would have written this in a notebook and kept it hidden.
~my classmates-- though I no longer go to UPFI now, they inspire me to continue with the dreams I placed on hold.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

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