Saturday, December 29, 2012

Before, Now and Everything in Between

We all have that Boss who is really a good leader but our relationship is better off when we are just in the office and then there are those whom you do not always agree with their ways to lead but sure is better off as your friend.

When I was under her team, I know she hated my guts and of which I reciprocated the feeling. I had issues with her leadership style and most often, we had our shares of heated arguments. I even called her pushy.

In 2010 when she finally served and discussed my annual appraisal, we had a serious, really elaborated talk which lasted for more than two hours. It was one of the most moving conversations I had. If it wasn't the most yet.

I told her how I feared to go up the corporate ladder. Not even to aspire in climbing it. I said, if I was a Supervisor, and there are a lot more people in my level which I could turn to when everything seems a fill in the blank question in the final exams, everything will be alright. If I didn't know what to do, I can turn to my colleagues and look up for some guidance. When you are at the top of the organization, and people look up to you to ask for help, and you too doesn't have the answers at the moment, it should scare me. You no longer have anyone to turn to but yourself. Of which she replied , "hindi ba kapag umaakyat ka na, mas kumokonti na yung mga tanong mo?" It made sense.

I am glad that I am no longer part of your team. Because I may not have seen you being the bestfriend everyone would be glad to have.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Isabel Maria Luz

One of the earliest childhood memories I have while watching tv was when Ces Quesada was interviewed in a certain talk show. I wasn't sure if that was Mel and Jay in channel two. But I suspect it was.

She was a household name back then especially being in Buddy and Sol where she plays Redford and Eric's landlady.

She just gave birth at that time she was interviewed. She shared how excited and happy she was for her newborn and that they have waited for so long for the baby.

Years later, Ces being everywhere-- tv shows, films etc., I would remember that interview whenever I see her.

I never found out in that interview what the baby's name was; if it was even mentioned. If the baby was a boy or a girl. How she looked like and what was she like. All I know and assumed is that she was very lucky and I knew she was knowing both Ces and her husband waited for her for so long.

When I attempted to pursue Film as my second degree, I finally met this baby from my memory. She was a classmate in one of the film classes I took and I only found out that she was THAT baby when I joined the org she was also a part of. That was when I found out that Ces is her mom. Her name is Isabel Maria Luz.

I don't know but I think, keeping that random thing in my memory for so long was something and knowing the person years later is another and simply awesome. I hope this does not freak her out. ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saying Yes, Moving Away and Growing Up

I am glad of my recent desicion to move away from where I am comfortable. I have longed to unleash the Stargirl in me and I think it is happening right now.

Sometimes, great things happen when we stop thinking too much; when you leave sentiments behind and when you start saying "Yes! Let's go!"

I am not even talking about travelling.
But sort of.


Huling hirit kanina ng team ko. Next week uuwi na sila at maiiwan na ako. Sana yung mga bago kong ahente kasing kakapal ng mukha, sing gagago din nila. At sana, bukod sa napakaresilient nila sa mga agad-agad na pagbabago kaya napakaswerte ng account sa inyo, magagaling din at matitino (kapag avail, kasi tulog). Sana dumami yung tulad ninyo. Yung magaan ang buhay ng mga Sup at maski ilang beses mong pagalitan sigawan at murahin minsan, chill lang.

Sana rin, marunong nang magapply ng schedule change sa Prime.

Data Breach! Rakenrol!

Dec 6.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yes to 2013 Travels!

Claiming it as early as now ;))

Twin Towers, Elevators and Singing Top of the World

We were 86 floors above street level!

In my recent trip to Singapore,I couldn't help but include visiting Kuala Lumpur in our itinerary. Since we were out for almost a week due to the Thanksgiving Holidays in the States (since our clients are Americans, we also get to be off on those days), might as well hop to KL for 2 days. So off i headed to Jetstar website and booked a RT ticket to KL then back to SG the next day.

We really wanted to experience going up the Petronas Towers. Little did we know that it was really just going up the Petronas that is what we were solely going to do in KL-- that and shopping in Suria Mall just below the iconic twin towers.

I thought that KL was not as "friendly" as Singapore for first time international travellers like me. Please don't get me wrong on this but I think, it was also due to the fact that where we stayed at is not so friendly-looking for me. So instead of going around KL at night, we just stayed in the motel after the Petronas Tower activity.

When we arrived in Suria Mall, straight from the airport, we headed straight to the Concourse where the tickets for the Petronas tours are being sold and we were still lucky to get hold of the 8pm tour, second to the last for the day. The last group starts at 8:15pm. That's how much people line up for the experience. The ticket costs RM80, about 1040 pesos, $25 perhaps.

At 8pm, we assembled at the entrance in the concourse of the Suria Mall ready to go up the Petronas. We were handed with IDs in color coded lanyards, indicating the group where we belong to. We were greeted with an interactive presentation projected in what seem to be a smoke/vapor giving instructions and reminders before going up. After which, we headed to the elevator off to the Skybridge which is located at the 42nd and 43rd levels respectively.

Before letting us cross and take photos in the Skybridge, he first gave us a few information about the Skybridge and the structure itself. This is where I found out that the two-level bridge is not entirely attached to the twin towers. It can tilt, shake and move depending on the towers' movements. And yes, they do move! From a random website I read, on a really windy day, the towers could sway as much as 20 to 30 cm! And from experience, while on the suspended bridge, you can actually feel it moving!

The Skybridge serves as a stabilizer for the two towers as well. It is also, of course, famous for that movie Entrapment starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones.

From the 43rd we were asked to head back to the elevator to bring us to the 86th. The Petronas actually has 88 levels but the last two and the pinnacle are off limits to its visitors mainly because those are their maintenance floors.

The elevator interior is made of LCD screen and while it is moving, a simulated view of the "outside at daytime is being shown. So while we were going up, we see a simulated scene of the neighboring towers slowly disappearing as we ascend. I thought it was an awesome idea.

The 86th floor greeted us with a visual representations of the tallest towers in the world, of course, Petronas still being the tallest twin towers. The hall is like an exhibit of The Petronas Company and the progress of Malaysia. There are also interactive TVs where it lets you flash your ticket, which by the way has QR codes in it, to show the "blueprint" of the building.

When you get there at the top, you will see the same thing as the photos I have posted here. But I cannot even tell you the feeling of "so this is how it is to be at the top of the world". I wish I can. But I think, when you can, whether it is Petronas or the Eiffel or the Empire State, we should all have to experience that feeling.


Pagpasensyahan na ang recent influx ng mga post. Nagmigrate kasi ako ng files from Multiply papuntang blogger.

Sana hindi maisipan soon mg blooger na magpalit ng platform.

Death by migration na to teh.

Si Drayber, Si MMDA at si Mr Pobre

Nahuli yung taxing sinsakyan ko sa may Megamall. Pagbukas nya ng bintana ng taxi bungad ni driver,"Pinsan ko yung Boss nio si Pobre.Sya na lng ang sabihan nyo ha, pasensya na" "Lisensya po Ser. San po ba si Mr Pobre ngayun?", sabi ni MMDA. "Nasa opisina. Mamaya nio nlang sabihan pagreport nio, ngmamadali yung pasahero ko eh." "Ser, akina ho yung lisensya nio. Kung talagang pinsan nio po c Pobre, san ho sya nakatira?" nakasagot naman ng tsamba c driver. Pro mtagal silang nag-usap tungkol kay mr Pobre; kung saan siya nakatira, head sya ng ano sa anong departamento. Saka sinabing "Matagal na hong patay si Pobre. Naslide po yung motor nia at nabasag ung bungo. Hindi nio b alam yun?" Natigil si Kuyang driver. Siguro nagreflect siya. Medyo shocking yung balita. at medyo graphic si MMDA kung magdescribe.

Hindi ko alam kung sinu ang mas nkakahiya sa kanilang 2: yung driver ni nagkukunwaring kilala nia si Pobre o si MMDA na nagkukunwaring magpatupad ng batas.

Ako: maski sino pang kilala niyan, basta may mali, hulihin. Kundi, pipicturan ko kayu at ititweet ko sa MMDA,kaung tatlo yang magiging pobre.

Tapos,nagoverpass ako puntang mega. Baka sagasaan ako ng driver.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Lee Min Ho?

...when I can have JC, stress free, queue-free with unlimited chances of getting photo ops? ;)


You know how much I love getting back the 90s vibe and those things that I only hoped for back in the 90s. Now that I already have a job and is now earning so I can kinda buy the things that I want, I wish that they all come back again ;)

This Casio watch being among those things. Imagine the magical feeling while I was opening its box. Suddenly, I was ten again. ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moon River

We almost didn't make it. When our cab arrived the church, Bella was already getting off the bridal car. I couldn't resist calling her just when she was about to march down the aisle. 

She was so beautiful. She has always been pretty. But you know those days when someone is extraordinarily beautiful when you look at them? She was that on that day. 

Belle married the man who was written for her. And for several moments during the ceremony, although I know it was kinda unnecessary, I cried. 

I was among those who witness her "rough drafts" being written and God knows how many bottles of ink have been wasted. But this day, when He finally laid down every possible letter He could write as her love story, I guess it was all worth it.

And on the very first note, when she marched, I knew Moon River was the perfect song. We all knew it was.

I didn't know what to say so I was just like, "Mabel! huy!" so much for a dramatic moment.

And this is me, of course taken by my friend Maphene. :)