Monday, February 20, 2012

On Starting a Travel Blog

I've been browsing through a lot of travel blogs lately, and I noticed that they're mostly from wordpress. (hehe). I got inspired in starting my own. I thought, I kind of been to quite a number of places and experienced a lot of adventures, not to mention photographs of those which I thought were worth sharing.

The pessimist in me tells me that the places I've been to and the adventures I have experienced were mostly the more popular places and adventures where a lot of people have already gone to; which is what the blogs I have seen in the past few days, talk about repeatedly. The pessimist in me tells me that I may be bound to retold things that many have already heard before and may no longer interest them. The pessimist in me tells me that it will be a futile attempt.

The optimist in me tells me to write about these experiences and tell them to the world. A million other bloggers may have gone to these places but my views and experience will always be different from them-- and that alone may be an interesting thing to share. That I may have the same angle taking the scenic view of the Mayon Volcano but the story behind it may not be the same as the other blogger. The optimist in me tells me to write about my experiences and tell it to the world. And the optimist tells me to write, that's it. Just like the Universal human experience that is commonly called "Love", which has been told many times, in gazillion other ways,but people still read them anyway. People still write about them anyway.

So, I believe you kind of know which part of me won so I'm thinking of having this reserved for my personal rants and ramblings, while I start thinking of what to name my travel blog.

I will update soon. :)

Ciao ciao!

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