Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sand, Sun and Wishful Heart

In the next few days, on Saturday to be exact, I will be in Cagayan de Oro-Camiguin getaway.
My second attempt to go there.

The first being booked through the seat sale of Cebu Pacific, was cancelled because I did not have enough funds to bring me there. So I had to cancel the flight. This time around, the trip was booked in December and a few days afterm Bagyong Sendong came and wreaked havoc on this province. I almost gave up, but because I saw some friends going to CDO and having the time of their lives, I thought, CDO was fine afterall. It will not be the same CDO as before but at least, the City has somehow able to get back on track and already moving on.

Everything is now set except for the fact that I was temporarily transferred to another account for two weeks since it's a flower delivery service and as you all know Valentine's will be in the next few days as well. So needless to say, everyone is needed to be in their posts as this is the peak for this account. And with that, I'm on an 80% chance of getting declined for a leave.

I am bargaining one month of no softdrink policy if I darn get this leave. I only need one fucking day so please, please please please Universe, be kind to me.

I will accept no logical reasons if I don't get approved. And my heart will be forever broken.

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