Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have six followers in this blog!

SIX. six. Six. sIx. siX.

that's six! 6!

Because I only have 2 before. And to be aware that 6 people (hopefully there's more, just that they don't have a google account) are actually reading your blog is inspiring.

Frankly speaking, I still think that no matter how one blogger say that "I only blog for my own consumption", there's this itsy bitsy tiny part in your heart that says, "I hope people would actually read this." -- otherwise, you could have just set the blog setting to "closed" or never have started that blog after all; went back to the basics of writing them in the journal when your only probable reader would be your nosy mother when she tries to randomly go through your things everynow and then.

We have that nature to be acknowledged, to be recognized, to be "epal" in our own special way.

Well, I speak for myself. I blog because I am papansin. Because it's free (I mean writing is free. I pay for the domain. haha) Because my Bohol, Cebu, Baguio Trips are worth posting-- including the experience that might interest other people.

but then again, that's just me. Now I sound too preachy.

To my six followers-- you are like my Palanca so far.

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