Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So I Guess, It's Goodbye Multiply...

Multiply recently announced its changed of platform, from the social networking we all knew, to being an online marketplace. With the advent of online sellers, which started a few years back and of which I too became one, Multiply decided to focus on its being a marketplace site, because really, people are no longer using this site for blogs and uploading photos, just for selling. It's high time for them (the Multiply folks) to give it back to the people and answer to the call of times. Meanwhile, thank goodness, I have ample time, 3 months to back up all my precious files that I have uploaded here.

Before Facebook has rose to fame, I have always been a Multiply kind of social netizen. What I am most proud of is that, in 2002 or 2003, I was among the first people who discovered Multiply and shared it to my friends. And since then, this has been my cyber home. I liked its platform so much. If one did not set its site to private, anyone can just access the site like a usual legit personal website. I thought it was so cool. Having your very own space. So I filled it with photos from all over my life timeline. Most of my photos are in Multiply including blogs which I never saved files. March 2006 was when I first had my digital camera, and since then, I can count on my left hand the instances when I had my photos actually printed on photo paper.

I lost some of my photos when Friendster converted into a gaming site a few years back. I remember trying to back up my files to a certain website and supposed to wait for a few days to be done. I completely forgotten going back. It was one of the greatest regrets of my life. I'm not doing it all over again.

I'm not sure if my trusted laptop as an ally, would have enough space to download all the media I have uploaded in Multiply but I really hope it does. I will probably move them to Facebook where my "life" is right now, and in here, my mother website. Although, blogspot is really not an ideal place to upload gazillion photos/albums. Let's see. I may need a looooonnnggg weekend to do all of that, and probably a 3 TB expansion drive which I have been coveting since earlier this month.

Meantime, I know, deep in my heart, I will miss these banners.
mylittlegreenworld.multiply.com was my very first multiply site. That tacky site where i kept most of my emo post and camwhoring evidences.

I moved them all to the shortlived dramatista.multiply.com

then I got karenderya.multiply.com and maintained that same theme...

Thank you Multiply for the wonderful time.

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