Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Lee Min Ho?

...when I can have JC, stress free, queue-free with unlimited chances of getting photo ops? ;)


You know how much I love getting back the 90s vibe and those things that I only hoped for back in the 90s. Now that I already have a job and is now earning so I can kinda buy the things that I want, I wish that they all come back again ;)

This Casio watch being among those things. Imagine the magical feeling while I was opening its box. Suddenly, I was ten again. ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moon River

We almost didn't make it. When our cab arrived the church, Bella was already getting off the bridal car. I couldn't resist calling her just when she was about to march down the aisle. 

She was so beautiful. She has always been pretty. But you know those days when someone is extraordinarily beautiful when you look at them? She was that on that day. 

Belle married the man who was written for her. And for several moments during the ceremony, although I know it was kinda unnecessary, I cried. 

I was among those who witness her "rough drafts" being written and God knows how many bottles of ink have been wasted. But this day, when He finally laid down every possible letter He could write as her love story, I guess it was all worth it.

And on the very first note, when she marched, I knew Moon River was the perfect song. We all knew it was.

I didn't know what to say so I was just like, "Mabel! huy!" so much for a dramatic moment.

And this is me, of course taken by my friend Maphene. :)


So apart from me travelling, I never leave home without this. And she's been to more places that I have. I'm thinking of sending her off to random places with people I trust. I want her to see the world as much as I do.

She's seen below in (1.) Journal Square Train Station in Jersey (2) Times Square New York (3) Japan (joke. That's in Maine with Cherry Blossoms) (4) Portland, Maine (5) JCPenney Maine (6) Ceasars Indianapolis Indiana (7) Atlantic City in Jersey (8) random laundromat in Jersey (9) Session Road in Baguio (10) Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin (11) Loboc River in Bohol (12) Colon in Cebu (13) White Island in Camiguin (14) Legazpi in Albay