Saturday, December 29, 2012

Before, Now and Everything in Between

We all have that Boss who is really a good leader but our relationship is better off when we are just in the office and then there are those whom you do not always agree with their ways to lead but sure is better off as your friend.

When I was under her team, I know she hated my guts and of which I reciprocated the feeling. I had issues with her leadership style and most often, we had our shares of heated arguments. I even called her pushy.

In 2010 when she finally served and discussed my annual appraisal, we had a serious, really elaborated talk which lasted for more than two hours. It was one of the most moving conversations I had. If it wasn't the most yet.

I told her how I feared to go up the corporate ladder. Not even to aspire in climbing it. I said, if I was a Supervisor, and there are a lot more people in my level which I could turn to when everything seems a fill in the blank question in the final exams, everything will be alright. If I didn't know what to do, I can turn to my colleagues and look up for some guidance. When you are at the top of the organization, and people look up to you to ask for help, and you too doesn't have the answers at the moment, it should scare me. You no longer have anyone to turn to but yourself. Of which she replied , "hindi ba kapag umaakyat ka na, mas kumokonti na yung mga tanong mo?" It made sense.

I am glad that I am no longer part of your team. Because I may not have seen you being the bestfriend everyone would be glad to have.

Happy Birthday!

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