Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Isabel Maria Luz

One of the earliest childhood memories I have while watching tv was when Ces Quesada was interviewed in a certain talk show. I wasn't sure if that was Mel and Jay in channel two. But I suspect it was.

She was a household name back then especially being in Buddy and Sol where she plays Redford and Eric's landlady.

She just gave birth at that time she was interviewed. She shared how excited and happy she was for her newborn and that they have waited for so long for the baby.

Years later, Ces being everywhere-- tv shows, films etc., I would remember that interview whenever I see her.

I never found out in that interview what the baby's name was; if it was even mentioned. If the baby was a boy or a girl. How she looked like and what was she like. All I know and assumed is that she was very lucky and I knew she was knowing both Ces and her husband waited for her for so long.

When I attempted to pursue Film as my second degree, I finally met this baby from my memory. She was a classmate in one of the film classes I took and I only found out that she was THAT baby when I joined the org she was also a part of. That was when I found out that Ces is her mom. Her name is Isabel Maria Luz.

I don't know but I think, keeping that random thing in my memory for so long was something and knowing the person years later is another and simply awesome. I hope this does not freak her out. ;)

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