Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cameos, Cineastes and Tiya Pusit

The real doctor who is supposed to play the part backed out the last minute so Maxine sent me a bbm in the wee hours to ask me if I could play it. And since my shift won't be until 2am of the next day, i agreed.

When I arrived I was surprised to know that I actually had lines! All the while I was thinking, I would play the part of the doctor but with absolutely no lines and purely nods and facial expressions, but lo and behold-- I had 5. And to add injury, I was doing it with veteran comedian Tiya Pusit and Neri Naig, who was my favorite in Star Circle Quest back then. O yes. And the scene? I was supposed to comfort them from the sad news of the passing of the head of their family.

In between takes, Tiya Pusit had to coach me because, I was the awkward doctor with the awkward white blazer and an awkward pink ballet flats.

Thus after 13 takes, we got it perfectly. It was awesome. Really awesome.

I think, this is really going to be my year. I am hopeful. And I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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