Monday, January 7, 2013

Milk Teas and Donuts, Crossing Off #15 and Joanna Ampil

"If the odds will be in my favor, I will cross of an item in my 30 on 30 list tonight."

That's what I tweeted before heading to Eastwood where I was bound to meet with some theatre folks who loves her as much as I do. And yes, the odds did favor me.

I met Joanna Ampil. And finally, I was able to cross off my entry #15 in my 30 on 30 List.

It was far behind what I have imagined. I never was the fan girl material. Sure, maybe from a distance but never on a close encounter with a celebrity I admire so much. So, I thought, this is how it is. I knew I would be giddy and all when I finally meet her but of course, I always, always surprise myself. I never thought I would run out of superlatives to describe what I feel about the whole encounter. All I know is that she is waaaaay larger than life. And that now, as I write this and browse through write ups and videos of her, in her own way, ruled the world. But meeting her that night, she was no more than a friend shooting hoops and singing in the videoke in Timezone.

She is leaving in a couple of days to play the glamour cat Grizabella in the UK tour of CATS. So she invited some of her new friends to share Gong Cha and Donuts. She will be gone for a few months so the meeting was just right on time.

Thank you Joanna. January 6 is a gift beyond what I have asked for.

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