Saturday, February 23, 2013


Thank you Sir Tolkien for putting these into words.
I say, not all who are lost are actually wandering.
But whether or not you are wandering but is sure that is not lost or you are lost where you are right now, without effort, without lifting a finger-- I feel that between that wandering and being lost to finding your way deserves to be documented so that people who are going through the same thing may somehow find themselves in your shoes.
I am between being a wanderer who knows my way and a person who sometimes becomes lost without moving from where I am.
I shall write them down.

I am wandergirl.

not all who are lost are actually wandering-- this is what I thought and what I have experienced. If someone must have said or wrote this before, I have no intention of plagiarism. Just like saying I love you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Escalations, Misjudgements and Sorrys

I was taking the escalated calls earlier when I came across a customer who was at max volume even if my phone's volume was at half. She was asking for a refund, which I obliged, and halfway through she had the same sarcastic tone of which I reciprocated with, "look, I am trying to help you out here with your charges. I already told you I am going to refund them so please stop shouting at me." She retorted, "oh I'm sorry, I am hearing impaired, I wasn't shouting it's just that I cannot hear you and you are on speaker because my ears cannot bear the heat that the phone is producing."

I felt really bad about it and myself. I probably deserve this guilt.