Thursday, April 11, 2013

Decluttering, Organizing and still Writing

I decided to let go of my blogsite after the year's subscription has expired. One, I never really got to feel at home with wordpress, although I must admit, I have loved their interface when the posts are already up. But while publishing stuff, I still get lost in the sea of buttons and all that jazz that I never really accustomed to. Unlike Blogspot which really have been my home for years. Second, compared to Blogspot, their annual fee is five times more expensive. Three, I want to have all the things I am writing to be in just one place. I reckon, if one really wants to write, some things, even the personal stuff, people would still have access to. So ditch the personal and public lines. Hehe.

So yeah, I will be writing my travel blogs and other stuff here in

And yes I know, that one-article per week self note has not been carried out yet. I am trying to keep away from FB. I swear.

<3 karen

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