Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rages, Word Wars and Question Number 4

This post, for some reasons, eh nabura sa Facebook wall ko. If it was reported or whatever, I'm glad I saved it in my notes. I shall of course tell the context of this in a separate blog, para hindi naman unfair dun sa mga involved. But for now, eto na muna. Andami kong natutunan sa experience na to.

Para sa former colleague ko, who sadly and gladly is not on my Facebook list, Mr Salgado, who said this: "Iskolar ng Bayan yan (ako), pera natin ang pinambayad sa tuition nian kaya dapat matuto syang rumespeto."

1. Thank you, Sir for paying your taxes so I, along with million other Iskolar ng Bayans could go to UP and subsidize our education. That may be true but that too doesn't make me your slave. And please note too, that my parents are tax-paying individuals as well. But hell yeah, thank you again Sir. 

2. Your so called taxes that paid my education allowed me to learn to react to things objectively. We do not just sit and accept whatever is fed to our mouths. When negotiations aren't enough to fix the existing dysfunctional process, we bring our battles to the streets and  clamor until we get the attention of whom we are addressing it to. But we never criticize their color, or their educational background, or how they look-- your taxes paid our tuition to teach us that it is the issue that we must attack and not the person. Unlike what you guys did to me. 

3. I only apologize if I know I had lapses, if for some reasons, the way I communicated my stand on issues offended other people, but I will not apologize for my beliefs and my stand. That is who I am. 

4. Last and my ultimate question, remind me again bakit ikaw ang nagrereact ng ganyan kaintense sa comment ko na nga? Kung yung mismong taong kausap ko almost had no reaction to the comment. Lawyer ka teh? Hindi kaya dapat ikaw at hndi ako, ang gumawa ng sariling social networking site kasi hindi mo matake that people react to your thoughts? Pero hindi nga kasi ikaw yung kausap ko di ba? So what's with the rage? Why the intense reaction? ;)

This is the end of it. Hanggat hindi mo nasasagot yung pang-apat kong tanong, your argument is invalid. 

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