Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thank you Mama

To Mama-- thank you for always reminding me that the world is ruthless and dangerous  but it should not keep me from knowing that it is beautiful and I should enjoy it; to fasten seatbelt while on the frontseat; not to extend my arms or my head in the bus' window while on field trip, count my bags and my things during campings, and that afternoon siestas are important. Thank you for teaching me the ABCs and "giraffi" (giraffe). Thank you for keeping me safe and for giving me enough freedom so I can learn things on my own-- even occasionally get wounded in the process. Thank you for letting me choose and lead the life I want, and for washing my clothes. 

I do not know anyone in the world who better explains, without even trying to, what unconditional love is. 

Someday, I will write a book about you. And that's when I will finally become famous like I told you, some 20 years ago. 

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