Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trade Offs, Wishes and Heart Desires

It may sound crazy probably even absurd but we all have these superstitions and other odd things that we believe in and hold on to. In my case, when I ask something from Mang Jessie, I trade in something that I almost cannot not do or have. 

When Michelle was declined to board the plane bound to Singapore bec her passport is almost expired, and the chances of getting her approved for an extension in DFA within the next 2 hours before our flight is 1/1000000, i traded not drinking softdrinks for 365 days. We got it. I am now on my 5th month of being softdrink-free. 

In college, in the gazillion times that we almost failed an exam, had theater performance in an open air and hoped that it never rain, when thesis was already on its 5th revision and the threat of not graduating on time was unbearable-- WE, Anna, Maphene and Ran traded my blossoming "karir". I always had close encounters with love back then, but never had it. But, I finished my (suicidal) degree in Literature anyway.

Now, I am helping my friend also get something she is dying to have and in turn, I am shutting my FB account for a month. 

I will still be very visible in IG, Twitter and my blog--


This was my last FB status before I went on this hiatus for month as explained above. 


I guess many people got amused bu this thought that a lot of people actually asked me how it works, what happens after and whole lot of other things. Haha. At least I don't feel entirely stupid. 


A new found friend, whom I think is not as equally successful in love as much as in her career asked me if I could also do something for her lovelife. I jokingly responded by saying, "naku yug seo dapat one year na walang kanin, ganung levels ng gravity". 

But to cut the long story short, i agreed to do something for her, something that is challenging and of which I probably won't be able to finish in the end but was worth the try for something bigger in scope. And for her, it was love that she was asking. The "this is it" kind of love. 


Before i said,"game", I first considered of it is actually feasible, given the time that we should, i should be done before her 34th birthday on Feb 23. 

I am to read 25 books from June 1, today until February 22 of next year. 
Then, let everything take its own course. 


Life to date, I have never seemed to fail on this. It was just recently that I posted about this for a lot of people to know but, for close friends, they know that this has been happening. 

I wish I get to do all of these. ;) whether or not Mang Jessie will grant. But I sure hope he'll do. 

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