Friday, July 26, 2013

Interviews, Promotions, and Life-To-Date Successes

For more than six years, I have been dubbed by my agents and managers as "Suppiestar", a term coined by my agents which I really liked so much, I had the title engraved in my 5th Year Anniversary watch. Today, although I will no longer be using the title now, I am so excited with the new role and new title-- 

Thank you for this opportunity. 
This is a life changing, bawl inducing event in my life. 

PS. I hope my direct reports do not start calling me, SuperMAN. 

This was my Facebook status earlier. So finally, with a cunning little plan of my AVP and Senior Manager, they had me sign the letter and announced to the rest of the team that I am assuming the Manager-Trainee post. 
I knew they were happy tears. 
But they gave me a chance. So still, life to date, I haven't flunked any interviews yet. Or maybe, I'll put it this way, I have always been accepted in the positions/posts I have been applying for, life to date. 
This deserves a Life Event post in my Facebook Timeline. 
Thank you, Universe. You have been very kind to me. I wish to give back sometime. :) 

First, Kapil made me believe that I wasn't doing well with the stats and all that of my current construct and that they need to find my replacement and me to go back to being a Supervisor once again. I panicked, because I don't really know how to respond. I had newbies in my team and that I said I only need more time to improve. Kapil was like, "in this business, time is important. I cannot wait for you." But even so, i was thinking, 3 consecutive months of being top manager with Newbies under my team and you telling me I'm sucking at this? 
Before I even had the guts to say that, he already handed me the papers and I only got to read the beginning which is CONGRATULATIONS! and I'm done. I started crying. 

I was no longer expecting that they would give it since it's been 2 months with no news. I didn't ask anything about it because I didn't want to be aggressive about it when I know that the interview didn't go too well for me. There were a lot of things I wasn't able to answer well, I knew there was a lot that I could have known even before sitting in that room with the AVPs and Senior Managers asking me questions. But like I said in the final interview I had with the HR Senior Manager, it was worth the experience. And as always, I will look at it as a training ground for other massive challenges for me. I was thankful though for the experience of being a Manager OIC since I would never have any other venue to experience that, hence I made the most out of it. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Selfies, Innovation and Memories

Going through the gazillion photos I was able to salvage before Multiply converted to a marketplace, I feel so glad that we have taken so much photos to document the milestones and even the ordinary events in our lives. 

Funny how the quality of photos improved over time, from VGA to camera phones with varying MP, compact cameras, then DSLRs and smart phones. Images became clearer and colors were more true to the real thing but the faces captured in each frame remain the same. Probably with longer or shorter hair, more plump or thinner but still the same goofy faces. 

I promise to be more trigger happy than I already am now. Because we need to take as much photos in our lifetime as we can. 

And to be more tolerant with selfies-- if only to document life and make us remember how we are today: physically, emotionally. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Japanese Film Fest, Being Nosy and Suppressed Emotions

While queuing for the 1.30 pm screening in Eiga Sai, the guy infront of me was using his ginormous S4 with ginormous fonts and brightness level enough to illuminate the entire cinema. I couldn't help but stare. Ok I know it's not really a good habit but it's tempting to know what people are thinking, or in this case, texting. And so I started reading while he mindlessly compose a message. 

"Ga, dia ko sa shang. Magtan-aw ko ug Eiga Sai, kanang filmfest ba. Libre ra ba. Kaso Hapon man ning sinultihan. Ngari ga. Murag mao man ni ato gibuhat hadto, magtan-aw tan-aw ra ta ug salida unya mangaon ta. Sige na be, ngari. I labyu baya."

Then he erased, " I labyu baya" and replaced it with " :) " then erased it again then typed "i love you". Then erased it again. Then erased the whole thing he composed and locked the screen of his phone, tucked it in his pocket. 

I closed my eyes and pretend I was sleeping. Then I thought how Ga might have looked like. Or how screwed I was.
Translation: Love, im here at Shang. Im going to watch Eiga Sai, you know, the filmfest. It's free although it's Japanese. Come. Just like before, we'd just watch films or eat. Come on, be. I love you." 
Or something like that. ;)