Sunday, July 7, 2013

Japanese Film Fest, Being Nosy and Suppressed Emotions

While queuing for the 1.30 pm screening in Eiga Sai, the guy infront of me was using his ginormous S4 with ginormous fonts and brightness level enough to illuminate the entire cinema. I couldn't help but stare. Ok I know it's not really a good habit but it's tempting to know what people are thinking, or in this case, texting. And so I started reading while he mindlessly compose a message. 

"Ga, dia ko sa shang. Magtan-aw ko ug Eiga Sai, kanang filmfest ba. Libre ra ba. Kaso Hapon man ning sinultihan. Ngari ga. Murag mao man ni ato gibuhat hadto, magtan-aw tan-aw ra ta ug salida unya mangaon ta. Sige na be, ngari. I labyu baya."

Then he erased, " I labyu baya" and replaced it with " :) " then erased it again then typed "i love you". Then erased it again. Then erased the whole thing he composed and locked the screen of his phone, tucked it in his pocket. 

I closed my eyes and pretend I was sleeping. Then I thought how Ga might have looked like. Or how screwed I was.
Translation: Love, im here at Shang. Im going to watch Eiga Sai, you know, the filmfest. It's free although it's Japanese. Come. Just like before, we'd just watch films or eat. Come on, be. I love you." 
Or something like that. ;)

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