Monday, July 22, 2013

Selfies, Innovation and Memories

Going through the gazillion photos I was able to salvage before Multiply converted to a marketplace, I feel so glad that we have taken so much photos to document the milestones and even the ordinary events in our lives. 

Funny how the quality of photos improved over time, from VGA to camera phones with varying MP, compact cameras, then DSLRs and smart phones. Images became clearer and colors were more true to the real thing but the faces captured in each frame remain the same. Probably with longer or shorter hair, more plump or thinner but still the same goofy faces. 

I promise to be more trigger happy than I already am now. Because we need to take as much photos in our lifetime as we can. 

And to be more tolerant with selfies-- if only to document life and make us remember how we are today: physically, emotionally. 

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