Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trainings, Kuya From IT and Epiphanies

Medyo madugo yung first day ng Training kaya hindi na muna ako magkkwento ng marami. Dun muna ako sa mga kilig worthy things. Haha. 

So sa mga kasama kong mentors before, merun kaming kinakarir na IT person, that was some 5 or 6 years ago. Minsan, maski simple lang yung ittroubleshoot, na kaya naman palang magawa na ireboot lang ang PC para gumana eh ieexagg pa namin para lang makapunta siya ops. Hihi. Hindi ko nalaman kung anong pangalan ni kuya. Lagi lang namin syang nirerefer to as "Yung Kuyang Pogi na taga-IT"-- gets na namin yun. Kalevel ng-- yung multo o aswang sa mga horror films, kapag pinapadescribe si Lilia Cuntapay. 

So today, andun sya sa training room namin, hindi para magkumpuni ng PC kundi para jumoin ng training. Anim na taon kong inantay bago nalaman yung pangalan niya kaya nilapag ko talaga yung module ko nung "introduce yourself" portion na. 

Day 1 palang ito. May 3 araw pa. Alam kong magiging productive ang training na ito sa maraming aspeto ng buhay ko hahahahahaha. 

Please don't judge me. Mahirap po yung training na ito. Hindi naman masama kung minsan eh mapakanta ka ng Whoops Kirri habang nagsseat work di ba. 

67 Call ins, Manager-trainee Duties and Waterproof Spirits

24 hours ago, I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to survive last night's shift. My phone was literally a hotline due to the people buzzing in, calling that they cannot report to work; my leads, across all apps, would send messages how many from their team will not make it to work. I was even comparing notes with the other two managers who were also at home, taking calls too, who by the end of the day will have the most number of call ins under their line of reporting. Today, I had a whopping 67 people who didn't make it for tonight's shift. 67 out of a 140 HC. For the non-call center folks, I do not know how to describe the gravity of that, but our operations floor looked like a ballroom-- enough room for rhumba or paso doble, or a gymnastics area where one can do cartwheels freely. And for a number of instances, I was caught looking at my blinking cursor for such a long time thinking how the 67 people we have are doing.

But the energy of the floor was inspiring. Some looks exactly the same as I left them the day before, and by exactly I meant same shirt, same bottoms, same hair and same vibe. My Leads were everywhere-- like kangaroos hopping and rallying for our numbers to stay afloat. It was awesome. We, by the way, met the target today which I also was hopeless to achieve a few hours before. 

Our spirits were water and weatherproof. To my Leads and agents who stuck with me today until the very end, and dedicated their performance for the 67 agents who didn't make it-- thank you. Thank you, thank you. 

My only regret was not being able to take a photo of them. But it was too hard, like I said, we were like 5 stations apart from each other. 

I would not want for this day to ever happen again, but for the energy and inspiration I saw earlier, I hope we'll be able to sustain that, rain or shine.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Panic Attacks, Long Day and Tight Hugs

I have not been carrying my Ventolin inhaler for asthma for some years now because my asthma has improved over the years. Today, in a sudden turn of events, I felt and heard the wheeze again. So much has happened for the day. 

Still, a really tight hug will never fail to assure you that everything's going to be ok. Despite everything, I was lucky to have one today.