Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Last post was on my birthday, September 16. Prior to that I have a hundred more thoughts that were left unwritten and probably will be lost forever in oblivion. You see, I try to document all of these things for two major reasons. I document life events because someday, when my memory will no longer be in top shape as it is now (imagine what could happen worse than my current sloppy memory), I will have something to look back on and remember how exactly I felt back then. Hence, I always try to remind my lazy self to write as they happen. the emotions might no longer be there by the time I started blogging them. Second reason, is to free my mind with thoughts. i always feel that although the mind is endless and unbound, my memory bank doesn't store that much and thus needed to be transferred somewhere else, like you know, the Pensieve in Harry Potter. We do not have Pensieve in this side of the world, but we have blogs, and journals-- those are probably the next best things.

I must have wrote this a million times. This reminder-- that is. But whenever I have something to distract me, like a zombie apocalypse themed series-- then I slack off and forget.

I will remind myself, over and over.