Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Square One.

Finally decided to leave all my thoughts and stories to be told here in this blog. I can't simply make up my mind on deciding what to name my blog when I realized that there's actually so much things to write apart from my travels. I will put them all here, and hopefully I'll be able to write as I think. So yeah, eventually, i may have to give up Wandergirl.Me, my travel blog which I started a year ago. 

I hope to soon finally be able to find time and the strength to start writing again. Right now, my spare time from my stressful work is merely utilized for catching up for lost opportunities to sleep. I don't want to look back in this beautiful life years from now with nothing but my bed sheets and Hello Kitty pajamas. Although my mind actually has a capability to entertain me while sleeping through my often cinematic and always in clear vivid colors, I still think that life is best experienced as it happens-- that's why it's called live. 

So, let me go back to my Performance Project which is loooong overdue then let me claim my life back. ;)

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