Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To My Cat Who Doesn't Know How To Read

Dearest Catniss, 

I don't ever think that you'll eventually learn to read to know what this letter would mean but I hope, in everyday I will get to show you and make you feel how I love you. 

I never had any pets that were not contained in a tank of water ever since I was a kid. I and Papa are asthmatic so i don't need to further elaborate why. i became contented with the goldfish and paco we bought in in Cartimar. 

Our house in Makati could barely fit us all.  We had no room for pets except one time, I had to insist and bought a small fishbowl which eventually occupied the makeshift dining table. 

Our the apartment we now have in Westbank seemed a little conducive for having pets. But still, dogs and cats like you were expensive. Mitchi who had more than a dozen of dogs in her former house turned down my idea of getting a pet. For so many reasons. Perhaps she got tired of taking care of pets or she probably thinks I suck at these things.

Then, during the Christmas season of 2013, I finally had you. Mitchi finally agreed and bought you. You were meek and quiet. Probably the stress you experienced from the long haul of you previous home to your new house which was mine. 

You were so tiny. I didn't have any pet carrier then so I slid you in a medium sized Mango paper bag which you only occupied half of it. Your food was Whiskas Junior in Tuna flavor. And when your previous owner started telling me about dry and wet food, deworming, vaccinations, rabies shots, grooming and all, my heart started to panic. Aren't cats supposed to be auto-pilot pets? I thought. 

So slowly, reality sneaks in. You pee and poop on random time of the day. And your poop? Gosh. I was warned that cats poop are really worse than the dogs' but i underestimated it. Even the cat sand couldn't be of any help. From 10 meters away, I would know if it's time for me to clean you up. 

You scratch and bite just about anything-- even the hands that feed you. Yes, quite literally. Thanks to you, my hands are now full of bruises and cuts and bite marks whenever I try to feed you, play with you and most especially when I bathe you. Our Apple chargers and other wirings are now dented and left with your bite marks. I only wish that you won't get electrocuted in time. That would be terrible.

My grocery cart used to have shampoo, soap, lotions, a few cold cuts and meat. Now, sometimes, I had to skip the meat section just so I would have enough money to buy you Whiskas and milk. 

Before I got you, my boss kept telling me that I will lose my right to call in sick due to asthma the moment I get to have a cat. Since then, I have never been late nor absent due to asthma. Afterall, I wasn't allowed to, at all. My asthma did not get better by having you. I just stopped complaining about it. 

I once brought you to the vet clinic to have your ears cleaned as they were alarming to see. Then the vet found out you had earmites and prescribed medications and all. At the end of the day, I found myself paying for your medical bill which is almost equals to my 3-day pay. 

It would be too early to say that you were the pivotal moment of my life. That would be an exaggeration. But having you means I am responsible for another life and whose needs depend on me so I have to go home early to feed you, bathe you and let you play. 

You are not an easy task to have. You definitely did not come with a manual for me to read and a money back guarantee in case I couldn't handle you anymore. But I'd say, you are worth it. 


Moving Out, Moving Up and Moving On

I've finally decided to keep all my thoughts in one repository in the web. Aside from the fact that I am THAT lazy to update a single blog site, cost-wise, it is not also a good idea maintaining two sites when you're not writing anything in them anyways. haha. so yeah, I'm keeping this site www.wandergirl.me as it is. I will miss that neat blog though. Although Blogger has been my home for years now, Wordpress still has a lot of things I prefer over Blogger. But yeah, no need to mention them now.

I decided to write not just about travels but about anything and everything. My blog, Kwentong Karenderya at iba pang Kwentong Walang Kwenta translates to Stories from Karenderya, and other worthless stories. Or something like that. Karenderya is a type of restaurant in the Philippines which are mostly along the busy areas and streets. It usually serves a lot of Filipino dishes with the masses as its target market. Food being sold in karenderyas are relatively cheap, dishes that are normally being cooked at home. Nothing fancy. Sometimes, even risky, as there are karenderyas whose food preparation are unsanitary. Think about gastroenteritis, diphteria, diarrhea etc. But people take risks. I guess it's human nature. Ahaha.

So why Karenderya? It began with wordplay -- my name being Karen. Then later on, I realized my blog could actually be just like the karenderya-- a mixture of everything I could think of. It is something close to home because I share experiences that one can easily relate to. It can even make you feel sick -- of how I write and what I write about. But ultimately, you take risks -- of being entertained, or being sick. Or maybe both. :)


I am towards the last leg of my project for my Managerial regularization and things aren't working out as planned. My project, instead of getting better went out of hand. I'd say being the project leader, I too have a lot to learn from this experience. Too bad it happened right now when my regularization is at stake.

In a week's time, I'd find out if I get to keep the job or I go back to where I was.
I'm not sure if the stars, my stars are listening right now to my heart. But I sure hope they are.


Like I said, it will just be a week from now to find out if I will get to keep this post.
But immediately, I started getting over it, accepting that I was flawed and probably did not deserve that.
I will stick to what we have planned in the beginning and work on it until the very end. This project may not be as successful as I, we, envisioned it to be but I owe it to the people who helped through the dirty work. I owe it to them so I will fight it until the very end.

And my heart says, I want this badly. So I will have it no matter what.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


'Wooow angkyut naman ng pusa mo, anong pangalan?'
'Catniss Everdeen!'
'Hunger Games?'
'Catniss. Ornussa Catniss.'

Last ko na.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Dahil wala na akong ibang topic na mabasa, enieni ko nalang naisip ung anak ni Bernard Palanca at Meryll Soriano na sobrang cute sa print ad ng Milk Magic. So ni-google ko yung "Eli Palanca". Isa lang at mejo malabo pa ung lumabas na image so inisip ko baka Soriano yung ginagamit kako ni Eli. Nasamid ako nung eto yung lumabas. 

ang sakit sa ulo. 

Signs. Signs and Cherry Blossom Dreams.

Been cramming and working lately to make it to the cherry blossom season this year but the odds seem not to be in my favor. Today, while window shopping, I thought, maybe, if not for the cherry blossoms, I'm probably bound to go somewhere else, but where could it be? Then I saw (refer to photo #3); 

No. It can't be, I thought. With a lot of things going on, maybe now is not the time for me to see the cherry blossoms-- while dropping by National Bookstore to check on Wicked tickets, the magazine in the rack says (refer to photo #2). 

Argh. This cannot be happening. I'll go there someday, somehow. Japan, Osaka most especially, can wait for me someday. But then again, the pants' tag says otherwise-- (refer to photo #1)

I swear to God, they all came when I asked. 

Maybe, just maybe, I'm really bound to move. Today is just so f*cking amazing. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Shake Off


'Do you watch films?'
'Very seldom, Mam.'
'That's okay. But on top of your head, what's your most fave film?'
'Ahh, movie Mam?'
'Uhm. Horror Mam..'
'Which film in particular?'

*10second pause*

'Uhm, "Shake Off" Mam'*gestures " "* it was just shown last year.
'Uh, okay. I haven't heard of that. Although I'm not really a fan of horror films. So can you tell me more about that?'
'Ah yes Mam. In our dialect, it's actually called "Pagpag" by Daniel Padilla.'

Ok. So para dun pala yung 10second pause-- sa "Shake Off" *gestures " " *