Monday, February 3, 2014

Shake Off


'Do you watch films?'
'Very seldom, Mam.'
'That's okay. But on top of your head, what's your most fave film?'
'Ahh, movie Mam?'
'Uhm. Horror Mam..'
'Which film in particular?'

*10second pause*

'Uhm, "Shake Off" Mam'*gestures " "* it was just shown last year.
'Uh, okay. I haven't heard of that. Although I'm not really a fan of horror films. So can you tell me more about that?'
'Ah yes Mam. In our dialect, it's actually called "Pagpag" by Daniel Padilla.'

Ok. So para dun pala yung 10second pause-- sa "Shake Off" *gestures " " *

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