Sunday, February 9, 2014

Signs. Signs and Cherry Blossom Dreams.

Been cramming and working lately to make it to the cherry blossom season this year but the odds seem not to be in my favor. Today, while window shopping, I thought, maybe, if not for the cherry blossoms, I'm probably bound to go somewhere else, but where could it be? Then I saw (refer to photo #3); 

No. It can't be, I thought. With a lot of things going on, maybe now is not the time for me to see the cherry blossoms-- while dropping by National Bookstore to check on Wicked tickets, the magazine in the rack says (refer to photo #2). 

Argh. This cannot be happening. I'll go there someday, somehow. Japan, Osaka most especially, can wait for me someday. But then again, the pants' tag says otherwise-- (refer to photo #1)

I swear to God, they all came when I asked. 

Maybe, just maybe, I'm really bound to move. Today is just so f*cking amazing. 

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